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When I ran for Mayor and asked for you voted, I spoke often about the voice of you, the people. Many of you have great ideas, suggestions and experience that can benefit Mahwah. The Suggestion Box is officially open and I hope you will take advantage of it. You don't need to go to Town Hall, you don't need to find me, you can share your suggestion right here, on the website, from your kitchen table or your mobile device. 

Driving around town? See something you think we can do better? Pull out your mobile device (as long as you're not driving!) and share it immediately! And if you have a video or photo of something you think we should see, email it to me at teamlaforet@gmail.com after filling out this suggestion box.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

Pool Membership

I'm borrowing this idea from the Wycoff Y.  Why not offer a weekend only membership to the town pool?  For us working parents who wouldn't use the pool during the week and think the annual membership too steep for only weekend use.  The Wycoff YMCA is offing a reduced rate for weekend only membership to their Spring Lake facility.  I would be will to purchase a weekend only membership to our town pool and keep the money in the township.

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Bill: What were you thinking???

I've seen real-estate, garage sale, bakesale, raffle, business opening and Duncan Donut signs and banners around town - in addition to political signs. Sure they might be temporarily annoying or as you put it "trash-up" the town, but freedom is not meant to be pretty, stress-free and annoynace-free. I find signage adds vitality to the town by allowing people to express themselves. The unintended consequesces of this ordinance are far worse than the inconvenience of a few signs. The lawyers are already getting involved - how good can that be?. How will the ordinance be enforced? How much will it cost? How can a resident get "permission" (from yet another burearacrat) to put up a garage sale or church sale sign? Will there be a charge for that permit? 

Would the Mahwah Museum and old Train Station have to stop displaying signs to indicate their hours? Would a business be prohibited from putting up a sandwich board on the sidewalk to hawk the daily special or advertise a raffle? 

I don't see a glut of old garage sale or political signs littering the streets. Suggestion: drop the issue. The board should concentrate on more important issues like the cost of running the town and lowering our taxes! We don't need more regulation.

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Scheduled Fall Leaf Pick Up

Other surrounding towns have started a ONE CALL to announce leaf pick ups in their development or area and residents can arrange to have leaves blown. On Walnut West and surrounding streets in our cul de sac  we are covered with blown leaves that can stay in the street for months piled high, it would save time, labor and money if there was an arranged schedule.. 

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Single Stream Recycling

Would single stream recycling be a viable alternative for Mahwah?  In the town where we used to live they have implemented single stream recycling and have increased their recycling rate to about 60% and reduced their garbage by around 30%.

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Still have debris from storm on our street and no clean up so far

I live on Winter St.  There is still a lot of debris from the storm on the corner of Winter St. and Lawrence Rd.  I scratched my car on branches that are sticking out into the road.  We would really appreciate it if someone could come and clean it up.

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Publish the DPW leaf-pickup schedule on the Township website

Gongrats Bill.  I am anxious to see what a successful Mahwah businessman can do to improve our leadership in the tornship.

I would like to see the pickup schedule posted in an obvious way so that we homeowners can build our maintenance schedules more efficiently.  I don't have the time to do yard work every weekend and would welcome the ability to set my schedule up so that I get work done the week of pickup. 

I realize that the freak storm has overloaded the DPW with work, and would understand if this became a 'future' item, but I think it would pay dividends in helping to keep our streets clearer by giving those interested homeowners the chance to minimize the amount of time we have large piles of leaves narrowing streets making driving more hazardous and making on-street parking difficult.

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Tree Cleaning Service

Mahwah is doing a great job or tree/branch removal along the streets. However, many yards have trees and large branches that have fallen on the property. These may be expensive to have removed by private services. Why not have the township open a fee-based tree and branch removal service for residents? This would generate income for the township, help keep taxes low, remove a large inconvenience and expense for residents, and would help to keep trees trimmed back to avoid the danger of falling branches and trees. If the township charged a reasonable/low fee for work done on private property, off of the streets, it would generate income as well a create social benefits for residents.

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Dept of Water/Sewer


Over the past 22 years that I lived in Mahwah, I and many residents have complained about the sewer charges on the water bill. They have increased significantly over the years and seem to be out proportion with the water usage. Can you please look into this and provide us an explation about the sewer charges?   Thank you,

John D.



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The Promise


Bill, congrats on your election. I'm writing merely to express the hope that unlike "politicians", who often conveniently forget their promises on the day after the election, you will be true to your word and honor the will of the people. While none of the 3 candidates clearly voiced outright support or opposition to the Crossroads mall, clearly your opponents were both aligned with a "for" or "against". My impression from your statements and platform was you'd be inclined to follow the will of the people. You're a successful businessman, so obviously a gifted customer service leader. Wishing you success in your leadership, and hope to meet you in person at the annual Hanukkah Menorah lighting at Mahwah Town Hall.

Joel L.

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