About Mahwah Mayor Bill Laforet


My name is William “Bill’ Laforet and this is my family. My wife Maureen and I are surrounded by our rapidly expanding family. On the left, meet our son-in-law Jason Szapka, who is married to our lovely daughter Jeannette.  They proudly welcomed our beautiful granddaughter Madison Rose this year.  On the right, next to my wife is our dear son Bill Jr.   Maureen and I have lived in Mahwah since we were kids. We were childhood sweethearts and have been married for 39 amazing years. Both of our children are graduates of Mahwah High School, and Jeannette received her business degree and teacher certification from Ramapo College.  Jeannette and Jason live in Mahwah where they plan to raise their family, just as Maureen and I did. In addition, for the past 35 years, we have been the owners of Mahwah Sunoco, located on the corner of Franklin Turnpike and Miller Road.  We are proud to call Mahwah home.  It is a wonderful community in which to raise a family and operate a business.


As a family, we decided that 2011 was the year for me to continue my service to our community and I successfully ran for election as your Mayor. On Tuesday, November 8th, I was elected Mayor and I have sworn into office on November 21, 2011. And it’s not even a year now. Just look at what we’ve accomplished together.


 As your Mayor, I know what’s best for Mahwah. The reason I know is because I’ve asked you time and time again, and you’ve answered.  From roundtable discussions at our Citizen Advisory Panels (“Blue Ribbon Panel”), to hearing your concerns standing on line for coffee at the bagel shop, I am listening.  My number one focus remains on you, the citizens…the neighbors…the taxpayers of this fine town.  The Laforet family has strong roots in Mahwah…and so do you. 


As your Mayor, my priority is to make sure your family and your business can be proud to call Mahwah home.  Mahwah has given me the opportunity to operate a successful business and raise my family. Younger families should have the same experience that Maureen and I did.  Let’s do it together. I’ll lead the way.

Thank you for your vote for re-election!

Bill and The Laforet Family





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